No Blood Spilled

Daniels, Les

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No Blood Spilled/Daniels, Les/Paper/1854874314/S047-B2


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Publisher: Raven Books
ISBN-13: 9781854874313
Series: Vampire Chronicles
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1996
The dreamless sleep of the undead. India: A coffin drifts on the bay of Bengal. Within lies blood-drinker Don Sebastian de Villanueva, now known as Sebastian Newcastle, forced to flee from England and still tormented by the memories of his ruined love. Reginald Callender, accused of the death of his fiancee, has sworn vengeance on the vampire and has followed Sebastian to India, where once again the two sworn enemies will compete for the heart of a beautiful woman. But, in a strange new land filled with terror, can even the horrors of the undead compare with the dark cult of the Thugs, who still perform human sacrifices to Kali, the Goddess of Death - sacrifices she will accept only when there is no blood spilled...?
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Code: RH000130