Lawrinson, Julia

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Obsession/Lawrinson, Jul/Paper/1863683240/S039-A


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Publisher: Fremantle Arts Centre Press
ISBN-13: 9781863683241
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2001
Charlie is fifteen. She's just moved to a new school and nothing is going right. She's hanging around with a girl she can't stand, her mother is a grief-stricken, wine-sodden mess, and she has no one to talk to except the pages of her diary. Everything seems hopeless. And then she meets Kate.

Kate is sixteen, she's a singer, and she's wonderful. She's everything Charlie isn't, and she makes Charlie's life seem bearable. But when Kate announces she's leaving, Charlie is desperate. Desperate enough to do anything - anything - to get Kate to stay.
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