On Our Selection

Rudd, Steele

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On Our Selection/Rudd, Steele/Paper/1875892338/S037-C


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Publisher: ETT Imprint
ISBN-13: 9781875892334
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1996
The arrival: "No mistake, it was a real wilderness - nothing by trees, goannas, dead timber, and bears; and the nearest house - Dwyer's - was three miles away."

The way it was: "Dave's only pair of pants were pretty well worn off him; Joe hadn't a decent coat for Sunday; Dad himself wore a pair of boots with soles tied on with wire; and Mother fell sick."

The folks round here: "The snake's head passed behind the looking-glass. Jack drew nearer, clenching his fists and gesticulating. As he did he came full before the looking-glass and saw, perhaps for the first time in his life, his own image. An unearthly howl came from him. 'Me father!' he shouted, and bolted from the house."

Stories that immortalised the Rudds and their efforts to farm their Queensland selection. Generous in laughs, full of the bathos and absurdity of life, this is the full restored edition of On Our Selection as it was written.
ID: 189
Code: TR000046