Phobias Revealed and Explained

Waters, Richard

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Publisher: Murdoch Books
ISBN-13: 9781740453219
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2003
Do you suffer from Arachibutyrophobia? Or does peanut butter just freak you out? Do you fear clowns? They you suffer from Coulrophobia.

Are you among the most common phobiacs that suffer from Glossophobia? (the fear of speaking in public) Or are you just a plain old Triskaidekaphobia? (fear of the number thirteen)

Perhaps you have a rare case of being a Phobophobiac (the fear of phobias). But if you are a bibliophobic, the chances are you won't even be reading this ... It's the fear of books.

Phobias is a fun-packed guide to the weird world of what makes people scared. From Ablutophobia (fear of washing) to Zelophobia (the fear of being jealous).

Discover these and hundreds of other phobias in Phobias and put the name to your greatest fear.

Arranged into quick-reference sections, you will easily be able to learn and pronounce your worst-found fear and discover its meaning and origin.

So figure out your phobia and learn how to impress your friends and family with your newly found phobias!
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