Blake, Chris

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Ratpackers/Blake, Chris/Paper/1875657789/S054-C1


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Publisher: Hyland House
ISBN-13: 9781875657780
Series: Young Hylander
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1996
"It began ripping into the bodies and cramming them into its mouth. Rowan's last impression was of this gross, bloated, bald rat with a faint greening halo, catching and stuffing its own mutilated and still-writhing tail into its own mouth, chewing greedily and belching at the moon. Rowan retched and ran into the night." And then they became friends! Pomrat can't help always being hungry. It's a Post Atomic Mutant who's so ugly that its mum rejected it at birth. Luckily, along come Rowan, Erminia, Beth and Quirkal. They're on the run from Perth and wonder why they didn't just stay put and get beaten to pulps - what with the Winjas out to strangle them, no TVs in the desert, and Pomrat over-radiated in the head. Not even Beth's ability to reprogram the human's robots can help them through this! 'Ratpackers' is a funny, riotous, over-the-top book that is guaranteed to entertain rats from Perth to Cape York and beyond - but don't show the humans!
ID: 13121
Code: HY00149