Rooster: The Story of an Australian Soldier's Experiences in the Mud and Blood of WWI

Game, Bill

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Rooster: The Story of an Australian So/Game, Bill/Paper/0646531921/S010-F


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ISBN-13: 9780646531922
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2010
Rooster is based upon the short life of William James Game, a railwayman who volunteered as an Australian soldier, assigned to the furore and tumult of the Western Front.

Rooster was wounded at Le Hamel and with a few others was captured at the Wolfsburg Trench on 4 July 1918.

In the early darkness of the next morning, fewer than 20 Australian soldiers suddenly sprang from their trench and sprinted straight towards 200 German defenders to retrieve their mates.

The Battle of Le Hamel had been joined by a number of fresh and raw American soldiers. Some refused to obey orders to withdraw and donned Australian tunics to avoid detection. Alongside their new Australian mates they fought and died courageously. Some won honours, including one the first battlefield Medal of Honour in the action surrounding the rescue of Rooster.

More than 2,500 Australians served in the 44th Battalion throughout WWI. Only 80 survivors walked out from their final battle. Five weeks later the murderous Great War ended.

William [Bill] Game is the grandson of William [Will] Game, nicknamed Rooster.

Bill was curious about his grandfather from early childhood but received only sketchy answers. His family knew very little of his was years. He began questing for information and was astounded with the emerging story now told by him in this book.
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