Rosa-Marie's Baby

Barrett, Robert G.

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Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN-13: 9780732278182
Series: Les Norton
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2004
If it wasn't for a letter lost in the system for decades landing in his lap, Les would never have known he wasn't the only Norton to gain notoriety thanks to Kings Cross. There was another - even worse than him. Devil-worshipping artist and occultist Rosa-Marie Norton, the Witch of Kings Cross. Rosa was so bad the police arrested her for lewd behaviour and obscenity and the customs department burnt her paintings. Paintings now worth thousands of dollars. Yet according to the lost letter, a bundle of her paintings had been secreted at an old church in Victoria. By sheer coincidence, Eddie needed Les to help him with a hit in Melbourne on a shonky art dealer named 'Latte' Lindsey. After the hit on Latte, Les decides to take a trip down the Great Ocean Road, call in to the Church of the Blessed Madonna, and see if he can find 'mum's' paintings.

Does Les find the missing paintings? Along with plenty of trouble, he finds sexy Sonia and staunch Stepha. Plus poor Mrs Settree, running an orphanage under the watchful eye of Vicar Rathbone and God-fearing Uriah. Les also finds there's a lot of dÚjÓ vu getting around in Victoria. And when it comes to violence south of the border, there's no Mexican stand-offs.

Robert G. Barrett's latest Les Norton adventure, Rosa-Marie's Baby, is action, l'amour, and intrigue with a diabolical twist. Set in Melbourne, Lorne and Apollo Bay, Victoria, it proves once again why Robert G. Barrett is called the king of popular Australian fiction.
ID: 21239
Code: HC000671