Samurai Kids: Monkey Fist

Fussell, Sandy James, Rhian Nest (Illustrator)

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Samurai Kids: Monkey Fist/Fussell, Sandy/Paper/1921150912/S027-C


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Publisher: Walker Books
ISBN-13: 9781921150913
Series: Samurai Kids, Book 4
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2009
The fourth instalment in a unique series about a special group of kids training in the ways of the samurai.

Yoshi is still helping their friends Mei and Du Feng and the other Shaolin Monks to escape danger, while Sensei Ki-Yaga and the other Samurai kids journey through China. Kyoko is kidnapped in the middle of the night – but by whom? Who has the skill and ability to sneak up on Sensei and slip him a sleeping drug? Sensei immediately knows it is the mark of an old enemy, Lu Zeng, who is an evil and self-important minister of the Forbidden City, obsessed with eternal life. Yoshi re-joins the group as they set off to rescue Kyoko, but he keeps the whereabouts of the Shaolin monks a secret from Niya causing a rift among the kids. And it seems Sensei is keeping secrets from his students too. Will these secrets rip apart their trust and prevent them rescuing Kyoko before Lu Zeng performs one of his contemptible experiments on her? With the help of the Lin people, a mysterious group of forest people, the kids learn yet another valuable lesson about trust and honour, but will they ever be able to leave China and get back to the Cockroach Ryu in the Tateyama Mountains?
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