Scandals: Media, Politics & Corruption in Contemporary Australia

Tiffen, Rodney

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Scandals: Media, Politics & Corruption/Tiffen, Rodney/Paper/0868406015/S026-B


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Publisher: University of New South Wales Press
ISBN-13: 9780868406015
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1999
From the Whitlam Government's loans affairs to the "travel rorts" of the late 1990s, scandals have generated enormous media coverage and public interest.

Governments have fallen, ministers have resigned, and some cabinet members have even served time in prison. The impact of grand corporate fraud and police corruption has been just as dramatic, making the coverage of scandals a familiar part of the media landscape.

Yet we know little about how scandals evolve and how they come to dominate our media and political agendas. Why do some incidents generate protracted political and legal battles while others pass with little impact? Is media coverage of scandals increasing political accountability or encouraging political cynicism?

In this pioneering Australian book, Rodney Tiffen traces the origins and impact of scandals, and the complex interplay between institutional processes, political interests and media proclivities that determine which scandals generate intense attention and produce political crises. He covers over sixty scandals, from bribery in Bjelke Petersen's Queensland, through the corporate careers of Laurie Connell and Alan Bond and the fierce controversies over police corruption, to allegations of impropriety in Kennett's Victoria. This is a wide-ranging and provocative account of how our key institutions perform under pressure.
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