Seduced by Moonlight

Hamilton, Laurell K.

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Seduced by Moonlight/Hamilton, Laur/Paper/0553816322/S011-A


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Publisher: Bantam
ISBN-13: 9780553816327
Series: Merry Gentry, Book 3
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2005
I am Meredith Gentry, P.I. And Princess Merry, heir to the throne of Faerie. Now there are those among me who whisper that I am more. They fear me even as they protect me. And who can blame them? I seem to have awakened a dazzling magic that's slumbered within them for thousands of years and the thing is, I haven't the damndest idea whyà

My aunt, the Queen of Air and Darkness, no long distracted by her sadistic pastimes, is now focussing unwaveringly on me. I spend each night my immortal guards, but still no child has come of our decadent pleasures. But something else is happening to me. A new-found magic seems to course near uncontrollably through my half-mortal half-Sidhe body.

It all began with the chalice. I dreamed of it, and it was there - cool and hard - when I awoke. My guards know this ancient relic well - its disappearance so many ages ago stripped them of their vital powers. And here it is with us now. My touch resonates with its force but while my guards cherish me for this unexpected gift, there are those who loathe me for it - those who would see the Unseelie court suffer further agonies rather than have it ruled over by me, a mongrel queen. My enemies grow in number every day. If only they knew what I am capable of. Come to that, if only I did tooà

Welcome back to the world of Meredith Gentry, a twilight world of gods, shapeshifters and immortal souls, a world full of sensuality, wild magic, treacherous deceits and the delicious anticipation of latent powers unleashedà
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