Shadows of War

Adachi, Ryoko / McKay, Andrew

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Shadows of War/Adachi, Ryoko /Paper/1920787135/S029-A


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Publisher: Indra Publishing
ISBN-13: 9781920787134
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2005
In Shadows of War, we hear the voices of Second World War veterans who fought against the Japanese to defend Australia. Now as old men and women in the sixtieth anniversary year of the end of the War in the Pacific, they share their feelings about the war, about the Japanese, about relations between Australia and the old enemy.

We also hear the Japanese silence on its war history, especially its treatment of military prisoners of war and civilians in the countries of East and Southeast Asia occupied during the war. Many of those prisoners of war were Australians. Many are still followed by the shadows of their wartime experience.

Ryoko Adachi, as a child in the forties and fifties in Japan, remembers the Allied Occupation and even some images from the last years of the war. As an adult in Australia, she is also aware of the Japanese role in the War in the Pacific - an awareness that she wants to share with the people of Japan. As a journalist, she realizes part of that story must be told by the survivors of Japanese atrocities, the POWs and the so-called comfort women.

Andrew McKay, a senior Australian journalist, accompanies Ryoko as she gathers the veterans' stories by questionnaire and interview, to compile this uniquely personal history of the Second World War.
ID: 24206
Code: AB000231