Bibby, James

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Publisher: Millennium
ISBN-13: 9781857989304
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2000
Darian's death came as a complete and total surprise to him. In fact you could have knocked him down with a feather, although what the Orcish berserker actually used was a heavy, razor-sharp hand-axe...

Death is nasty and not a little inconvenient. Being dead even more so. Especially when your spirit is tied to an amulet that your body was wearing.

When Princess Macoby, combining the battlefield for her missing presumed dead beaux, Marden, finds his amulet on the wrong corpse she takes it home. Big mistake.

Life without Marden is bleak; pursued by somebody else's ghost it's just plain irritating.

All Macoby wants is to find out who killed Marden. All Darian wants is to be dead in peace (or, if possible, Valhalla which is much more fun).

And standing in the way of everyone is the Shapestone. An amulet with its own evil designs on the world...
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