Pierce, Tamora

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Publisher: Scholastic
ISBN-13: 9780439978644
Series: Circle Opens, Book 4
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2003
The young mages of the circle are coming into their power - it's time to pass on what they've learned...

Tris is one of the most powerful mages ever born, her lightning magic flows through her veins and her bones. When a series of brutal stranglings desecrate the fragile peace of Tharios, Tris is infuriated by the attitude of the city-fathers. No one seems to care about the dead girls. But Tris knows she has to keep hold of her magic - she can't let anger take her over...

So when she feels a mage pulling all the power in the neighbourhood into his working, Tris is deeply disturbed. That mage, Keth, is completely unaware of his magic. Left a shell of his former self after he was struck by lightning, he thinks he's useless. Tris is sure his magic could help her to find the killer, but can she and Keth unravel his powers in time?
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