Collins, Paul (Children's author/SF/F)

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Publisher: Hybrid Publishers
ISBN-13: 9781876462116
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2000
Calloway has followed the script thus far. But that's all there is. From here on in, it's anyone's game in accordance with the players' contracts. There are three terminals up there signed on to take their chances against Rhinestone's leading splattie star.

Calloway knows these men are the crÞme de la crÞme of their ilk. They have outlasted their colleagues during the making of The Wired Kid, and, in more than one instance, been the cause of their termination. Killers who have no thought for others, men not motivated by greed and who have no interest in the "payout" Rhinestone guarantees them should they survive their encounter with Calloway...

"Australia is not the science fiction capital of the world; in fact we are probably not even on the map. This unfortunate fact would change if we could produce more writers like Paul Collins." - Michael Hanrahan - Australian Book Review.

"Collins' stories: slick, hip, energetic punk-noir..." - Terry Dowling, The Australian.

"Edgy, strange, disconcerting, alarming, as speculative fiction is supposed to be. Collins writes the definitive well-crafted, dangerous story." - Kerry Greenwood, The Age.
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