Earn More, Work Less

Huntley, Ian

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Publisher: Wilkinson Publishing
ISBN-13: 9781875889747
Series: Huntleys' Wealth Series
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2005
Who wants to "work till they drop"? By investing sensibly on the stockmarket - and choosing the best stocks to build long-term wealth - you don't have to.

The secret to building long-term wealth through the stockmarket is not buying high-risk stocks or getting involved in get-rich- quick speculative stocks. It's much easier and safer than that. The secret is Dividends. Smart investors buy stocks in quality companies that pay high dividends now and in years to come. And because these companies are paying reliable streams of income, guess what? Their share prices often rise as a result. Income and capital growth. As good as it gets. Really smart investors go one step further. They reinvest their dividends in either the stocks they own now, or other quality companies. Then, through the magic of compound interest, their wealth begins to snowball. And snowball, and snowball and snowball. This strategy really is the foundation to EARN.

Few investors have picked as many winners on the stockmarket as Ian Huntley. A great believer in long-term trends and economic cycles, Ian has studied the stockmarket for more than 40 years. Through his famous investment newsletters, Ian has helped thousands of ordinary Australians - many of whom had little knowledge of the stockmarket when they started investing - sensibly build a large share portfolio. Unlike most of their friends, they retired wealthy, ahead of time, and with little stress! Now let Ian help you do the same.
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