Ender's Shadow

Card, Orson Scott

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Ender's Shadow/Card, Orson Sc/Paper/1857239989/S016-D


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Publisher: Orbit
ISBN-13: 9781857239980
Series: Shadow Trilogy, Book 1
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2000
With all the dazzling inventiveness, heart-stopping excitement and storytelling genius of his classic, award-winning Ender's Game, Orson Scott Card has written a new science fiction masterpiece to stand alongside the genre's greatest achievements.

Ender Wiggin was not the only young general trained to defend Earth from a terrifying alien threat. Many others had a part to play. But for one of them, it was to prove crucial.

No one knew his real name, but they called him Bean. His early life was a fight just to survive. Even living on the streets, however, his extraordinary talents did not escape the attention of the Battle School recruiters. For in him they recognised a master strategist. Someone who could become Ender's right hand. This is the story of the boy who became Ender's Shadow.
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