Frankly Scarlett, I DO Give a Damn! A Parody: Classic Romances Retold

West, Beverly & Peske, Nancy

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Frankly Scarlett, I DO Give a Damn! A/West, Beverly /Hardb/0060173890/S050-A2


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Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN-13: 9780060173890
Binding: Hardback
Year Published: 1996
Why is it, the authors ask, that all the great romances of literature and film end tragically...for the heroine? Surely there must be a way for love to flourish without some poor unfortunate woman throwing herself in front of a train, giving in to consumption, being dumped, or settling for Mr Not-So-Right.

The result of these musings is a wildly funny and enlightening retelling of twelve classics, including Gone With the Wind, Wuthering Heights, The Thorn Birds, Casablanca, The Scarlet Letter, and of course, Romeo and Juliet. In each the romantic heroes have learnt to behave like responsible adults and can be heard making such comments as "Frankly, Scarlett, I do give a damn. Lets go back to your place. I'll cook you a nice dinner, I'll lay a fire, and, with your consent, we can make passionate love, during which I'll be as concerned with your pleasure as my own. Then while you nap, I will wash the dishes and prepare a light, healthy snack to restore our expended energy".

Finally, the record has been set straight and our beloved heroines are awarded with the love they richly deserve.
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