My Uncle Wal the Werewolf

French, Jackie / King, Stephen Michael (Illustrator)

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My Uncle Wal the Werewolf/French, Jackie/Paper/0207200130/S034-B


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Publisher: Angus & Robertson
ISBN-13: 9780207200137
Series: Wacky Families
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2005
We've all got wacky families, it's just that some are wackier than others - find out how wacky in the fifth book of this hilarious series.

Buster's parents have vanished! One day they'd been there at breakfast, chewing their bones. And then, they'd gone out for a walk and never returned. Now, Uncle Wal is in charge of the werewolf pack and Buster is not happy.

Since their disappearance, Uncle Wal is insisting on everyone being human and he's even taken to wearing aftershave and talcum powder - what sort of wolf wears aftershave?

As usual, Buster is in the bad books and his crimes include - not changing for dinner, widdling on the gatepost AND catching rats - all of which amount to three black marks. And horror of all horrors, Uncle Wal hands down the ultimate punishment - and Buster is forced to take a BATH!

There are more changes in store with Uncle Wal announcing his intention to put the Tower on the market and move the pack down to town. And, Buster is being sent to school. He can't believe it - werewolves don't go to school; Werewolves hunt in the forest and capture their prey and howl on the cliffs at full moon. They don't sit at desks doing arithmetic! Will there be no end to poor Buster's miseryà

Another rollicking adventure, featuring Prunella, a detective-in-training, who joins Buster and his relatives on the quest to find his parents who have been wolfnapped by the evil Miss Snotgrass of Doggie Yum.

Ages 7+
ID: 22835
Code: HC000771