Lilley, Kate

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Publisher: Fremantle Arts Centre Press
ISBN-13: 9781876857158
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2002
Kate Lilley's wonderful Versary is a treasury of sentences, a cabinet of their variety and a practice of their power: from "Never let the sun go down" to"Can modernism get any later?"; from "We had a little fuss today/ over a bunch of gowns" to "The two halves of a face should stay together." There is no resource of poetry that Versary doesn't make a new use of, in a renewed attempt to wring from it all that can be wrung: "Everything means more than enough", "The debt cannot be cancelled by any means." Mary Baine Campbell

"What Kate Lilley gives us is the richness and vigour of the English Renaissance in the service of a complex set of postmodern concerns; scholarship as a handmaiden to art; and literature galvanised by passion. What we get is an alert, sharp-edged contemporary poetry, electric with allusion and irony, compulsively readable." John Tranter, Jacket magazine

"Few things more exhilarating than ace work like Kate Lilley's" Susan Wheeler, Poetry etc.

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