Walking to Babylon

Orman, Kate

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Walking to Babylon/Orman, Kate/Paper/0426205219/S049-A2


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Publisher: Virgin
ISBN-13: 9780426205210
Series: Dr Who New Adventures
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1998
When Bernice Summerfield visits the People - an incredibly advanced civilisation living in a Dyson sphere - she discovers that even in utopia they still have their problems. An illegal time-travel experiment threatens a war that could destroy them all. Rather than risk it, the People and their ultra-powerful computer, God, are prepared to eradicate the source of the problem - the ancient city of Babylon. But such action would involve the death of a quarter of a million human beings, and do incalculable damage to Earth's history. Babylon - and the human race - have one hope. Benny returns to the cradle of civilisation to try and stop the interference. She has just one week to prevent a catastrophe that could mean she will never be born. Her only assistance comes from a Victorian linguist who has stumbled across the experiment himself. But he's no help at all - even though he has a power neither of them suspects.
ID: 14552
Code: RH001129