Web Watchers

Clark, Margaret

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Web Watchers/Clark, Margare/Paper/0091834880/S035-C


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Publisher: Random House Australia
ISBN-13: 9780091834883
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1997
Who wouldn't be excited by the endless possibilities of cyberspace? But there are dangers, too. The EVIL ONES who want to rule the universe know that they can fulfil their aims by controlling all communication. Two earthlings, Megan and Ramon, have been chosen as Web Watchers: guardians of the World Wide Web. Given special powers and the names MEG ABYTE and RAM BOY. They journey through cyberspace with the faithful mouse on missions to destroy the evil flamer, the hackers, Dr Snarf and finally the most evil one of all, THE CRACKER. 'Web Watchers' is a startling new departure for one of Australia's hottest novelists. THIS BOOK MOVES!
ID: 116388
Code: RH001016