Family Repair Kit (set of four books)

Burton, Niki / Sneeden, Julie (Illustrator)

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Family Repair Kit (set of four books)/Burton, Niki //Hardb/AAAA000624/S028-G


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Publisher: Pure Heart Kids Books
ISBN-13: AAAA000624
Series: Family Repair Kit
Binding: Hardback Set
Year Published: 2012
  • I Don't Want to Go - Clae is a brave nine year old boy who wishes his parents would reunite. Every school holiday he travels to stay with his Dad. Before each visit Clae is sad, excited, anxious and happy – all at the same time. He loves and misses his Dad; but he doesn’t want to leave his Mum. Both Clae’s parents love him but everyone is affected by the family’s separation. The tale of a child who comes to realise that regardless of his family dynamics: he is loved by both of his parents.
  • The Secret Wish - Many children with separated parents will at some stage wish that their parents would reunite. This story shares a child’s secret wish to have his parents back together. One child who thinks nobody knows about his secret wish. One child who realises that no matter what his family’s structure – his parents will always love him.
  • My Guiding Star - Giving thanks to Adoptive Parents, Foster Parents, Grandparents and anyone else who has opened their home and their heart to a child in need. A huge THANK YOU to all those loving and dedicated people who care for children Who are in need of a home and a family.
  • Where Are You Now - The story of one child who learns to accept the death of a loved one. A heart-warming tale of the transition from heartbreak to PEACE. A confirmation that the people we lose are always in our hearts and memories. A CELEBRATION OF LIFE AND THE JOY OF LOVING OTHERS!

Addressing Grief Recovery in a powerful, subtle, caring and unbiased manner.

Every book is packed with love, aesthetics and healing - touching hearts.

Designed to be realistic and emotional - giving a voice to those affected by grief.

Encouraging and facilitating discussion, expression, articulation and communication.

Quality, non biased, appropriate grief recovery resources.

Assisting children, parents and families to feel supported, understood, loved and valued - regardless of their circumstance or family dynamics.

A book that tells us exactly how a child feels, so they don't have to.

The perfect educational implement for teachers and other professionals.

Lay the foundations for difficult discussions with ease.
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