Somewhere, Someday

Cox, Josephine

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Somewhere, Someday/Cox, Josephine/Paper/0747275351/S052-A2


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Publisher: Headline
ISBN-13: 9780747275350
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1999
Barney would always love her, but he couldn't stay, not while his wandering soul craved adventure. Kelly had always known he would leave, but she could never have envisaged how his leaving would turn her whole world upside down.

For a long, agonising moment she watched him walk away, the man she adored, the man who had saved her sanity. But now he was gone, and she wondered whether she would ever see him again.

Alone with her memories, she began to look to the the mother who had disowned her, and the brother who, racked with guilt, had hidden himself away. Years before, in the autumn of 1877, when Kelly was just a girl, something happened, something so bad it tore her family apart. Since then, Kelly had hidden her life away in an old shoe box, not daring to look, nor wanting to remember.

Now, regretting so many things and wishing it could have been different, she realised there was only one thing to be done. She must go back, to where it all began. Face the demons and lay to rest the ghosts that haunted her.

Only then would her heart be free.
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