Soul of the Fire

Goodkind, Terry

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Soul of the Fire/Goodkind, Terr/Paper/0752889761/S004-C


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Publisher: Millennium
ISBN-13: 9780752889764
Series: Sword of Truth, Book 5
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2008
Beware the Chimes, and if need be great, draw for yourself thrice on the barren earth, in sand and salt and blood, a Fatal Grace...

Richard Rahl, Keeper of the Sword of Truth, faced an evil even he could not stand against - the dread plague heralded by a Red Moon and loosed by the mad Emperor Jagang. Only by journeying to the Temple of the Winds was he able to thwart Jagang and save not only the life of his beloved Kahlan, but that of the whole of the New World. But when Kahlan in turn summoned the magical Chimes to save Richard, she unwittingly set free a worse scourge than any Jagang might have dreamt of.

Now Kahlan and Richard are destined to see their souls tempered in the fiery cauldron of battle, and for them there is no place so dangerous as a world without magic, a world where the Chimes run free...
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