Spires of Spirit: Early Stories in the World of 'Strands of Starlight'

Baudino, Gael

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Publisher: Roc
ISBN-13: 9780451455680
Series: Strands of Starlight
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1997
Set in the mythical medieval village of St. Brigid, the first three tales of this extraordinary collection rekindle the fiery majesty of Gael Baudino's Strands of Starlight series. Varden the Elf, immortal denizen of the forest, is compelled to aid his human neighbours in St. Brigid, guiding the course of fate with the magic of the stars. But the power he wields and the generosity he fosters cannot quell the ignorance of a weak people - and the scourge of inquisition looming over the land… Contemporary Colorado is the backdrop for the second trio of stories, where an ancient spirit stirs again. The confines of modern society cannot extinguish the flame of the Goddess within those of Elven descent. An ageless magic compels them to live differently, and listen to the rhythm of the stars. But Elven sorcery is not the only thing reborn, as the heroines of these stories discover - and brutality that once drove the witches from the world may triumph yet again…
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Code: BT000098