Strands of Sunlight

Baudino, Gael

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Strands of Sunlight/Baudino, Gael/Paper/0451454081/S053-C2


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Publisher: Roc
ISBN-13: 9780451454089
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1994
Natil, last survivor of the old Elven race, had a vision - to step across the boundaries of time itself straight into the twentieth century. There, in the heart of Colorado, she saw her vision made flesh. Natil discovered a new breed of Elves, humans who had unlocked the magic within themselves and found the way to immortality. Natil became their leader and strength as they sought to heal the woes of humankind. Over the years their numbers slowly grew. But now two new mortals have come into their midst - two who might soon be transformed as the others were. Sandy Joy, a longtime victim of abuse, seeks refuge in the Goddess and her own harp. And TK, an African-American war vet, struggles to find real meaning in his life, even though he has been injured in body and spirit. Sandy and TK have much to offer, but they also bring with them dangers which even Elven magic might not be able to defeat...
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Code: BT000072