Superannuation - Choice of Funds

Smith, Barbara/ Koken, Ed

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Publisher: Wrightbooks
ISBN-13: 9781875857968
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1999
are you ready for Choice of Funds? This will be the most far-reaching change to superannuation rules since employer contributions became compulsory. Already many thousands of enlightened employers are allowing their employees to choose for themselves which fund to invest in, and the number is growing fast. Soon Choice of Funds for all employees will be compulsory - the Government is committed to it.

The implications of this are enormous, as millions of ordinary Australians - many with little financial expertise - will have to make vitally important financial decisions. Two people working in the same company could make different choices. Even though they may earn the same amount throughout their careers one could retire with hundreds of thousands of dollars more in his or her retirement fund than the other.

This timely book, written in easy-to-understand language, will help you to better understand the issues such as the fund and investment options available and which one may be best for you (depending on how much money you need in retirement!), what happens when you start or leave a job, and generally how to make sure you don't lose out.

Whether your are an employer, an employee or an adviser, you need to understand Choice of Funds.
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