The Autumn People

Brooks, Diedre & Campbell, Brian

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Autumn People/Brooks, Diedre/Paper/1565047095/S047-D1


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Publisher: White Wolf
ISBN-13: 9781565047099
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1997
The world is a very inhospitable place for the fae, and now it has become a little worse. Autumn People are everywhere. They are your teacher, banker, grocer, accountant: anyone who brings dullness and tedium to the world. Once their kind was rare, but their numbers are growing. Their very existence eats away Glamour, destroying both chimera and changeling alike, driving them into the Mists. Nowhere to Hide... Once creatures of magic and Glamour, now dark and twisted - they hunt that which they cannot accept. These are the Dauntain: those who have turned their backs on the world of the fae. Some whisper that this may one day be the fate of all changelings. The Autumn People Features: * Full details for including both the Autumn People and the Dauntain in your chronicle. * New magic, dealing with the forces of Banality. * Famous Dauntain for inclusion in your chronicle.
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