The Biggest Loser: The Weight-Loss Program to Transform Your Body, Health, and Life

Greenwood-Robinson, Maggie

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Publisher: NBC
ISBN-13: 9781594863844
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2005
On The Biggest Loser, NBC's hit unscripted show, overweight contestants team up with celebrity trainers to shape up and improve their lives. Millions of viewers have seen the radical changes in the cast members' bodies, and many have been inspired by their ability to change their unhealthy and life-threatening habits. Before The Biggest Loser, the cast members would have said it was not possible - but now their lean, healthy bodies and improved lives show it is!

With this book, you too can undergo a dramatic and life-changing weight-loss transformation. Here's how:
  • Slim down with the Biggest Loser diet. You'll learn the easy-to-follow plan - designed by the show's medical experts - that really works.
  • Discover delicious recipes that melt fat. Dozens of recipes, from the cast members and The Biggest Loser experts, including Seth Word's Roast Beef Melt, Blueberry Bran Mini Muffins, Gary Deckman's Fish Tacos, and Moroccan Mint Tea.
  • Shed pounds with the Biggest Loser exercise plan. A 12-week, personalized, fat-blasting program designed by the show's trainers.
  • Get tips and advice from top experts.
  • Learn what inspires and motivates the cast.
  • Discover how they really did it. Many of the cast members, including Matt Kamont and Andrea Overstreet, were overweight their whole lives. Learn how The Biggest Lose taught them to drop pounds - and keep them off - for the first time ever.
Now get started - it's your turn to fight fat and become the Biggest Loser!
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