The Breakthrough Company: How Everyday Companies Become Extraordinary Performers

McFarland, Keith

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Publisher: Schwartz
ISBN-13: 9781863951753
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2008
The Breakthrough Company is one of the most provocative, inspiring, and instructive business books you'll ever read - containing invaluable advice from business leaders who've taken their companies to extraordinary levels of growth and profitability.

The vast majority of small businesses stay small - and not by choice. Only the most savvy and persistent - a tiny one tenth of one percent - break through to annual sales above $250 million. In The Breakthrough Company, Keith McFarland pinpoints how everyday companies become extraordinary, showing that luck is a negligible factor. Rather, breakthrough success turns out to be associated with a clearly identifiable set of strategies and skills that anyone in any business can emulate - from small start-up to industry leader.

Encouraged by experts such as business legend Peter Drucker and Good to Great author Jim Collins to identify the drivers that enable a company to push past the entrepreneurial phase, McFarland spent five years building and analysing the world's largest growth-company performance database and interviewing more than 1,500 growth-company executives on four continents. The Breakthrough Company is the result. Winnowing a study pool of more than 7,000 companies down to nine that have made the transition to major major-player status, McFarland highlights real-world tools and myth-busting insights that can be used by anyone wanting his or her business to join this exclusive circle.
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