The Chalice

Rickman, Phil

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Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN-13: 9780333717509
Binding: Trade Paperback
Year Published: 1997
Glastonbury is considered by many to be 'the holiest earth in England'. Here, they say, lies the cup which caught the blood of the dying Christ - the Holy Grail. So this West Country town has long been a centre of pilgrimage full of mystics and healers, poets and artists. Many locals, however, resent this intrusion, and hostility bubbles beneath the does an ancient pagan magic. The Abbey ruins are a haunting reminder that the most sacred places are often the most vulnerable. Glastonbury Tor, the mysterious conical hill once the site of Druid rituals, has an awesome history of unexplained phenomena. The magical Tor has been a lifelong obsession for Diane Ffitch - to the despair of her father, Lord Pennard, and the disdain of the locals who call her 'Lady Loony'. But, as the mystical atmosphere of the place becomes soured by bitterness, violence and death, Diane is convinced she is being warned of impending disaster. Her closest friend, world-weary bookseller Juanita Carey, is sceptical. And while the writer Joe Powys just might understand, he's determined to stay well clear of Glastonbury, where he knows the veil is thin and the forces of light and darkness now shine with equal intensity. But with earthly issues splitting the town and the supernatural beginning to seep into the cracks, someone must face up to the worst of all possibilities...the existence of an anti-Grail - the Dark Chalice.
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