The Cursed Towers

Forsyth, Kate

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Cursed Towers/Forsyth, Kate/Paper/0091835305/S004-D


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Publisher: Arrow
ISBN-13: 9780091835309
Series: Witches of Eileanan, Book 3
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1999
"Ye who have betrayed us so, I lay this curse upon ye! ... May ye be forever piteous but have none pity ye, may ye long for death but have death elude ye! By the power o' the dark moons, I curse thee, I curse thee, I curse thee!"

Lachlan the Winged now holds the Lodestar. He and Iseult have been crowned Righ and Banrigh of all Eileanan and the Far Islands, but dark times still lie ahead. The Bright Soldiers pursue their holy war, the Awl seeks to raise support for Maya's baby daughter - who it claims is the true Banrigh - and Margrit of Arran continues to plot in the distant Tower of Mists.

As Iseult's twin, Isabeau, seeks her own destiny beneath the glittering eyes of the dragons, Lachlan is struck by a paralysing curse. And Iseult finds that she alone must lead the country through a terrible and bloody war...
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Code: RH001192