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Chisnell, Mark

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Publisher: Arrow
ISBN-13: 9780099562313
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1997
Every man and woman ever born has to choose between right and wrong. But Martin Cormac was born to make the ultimate decision. It wasn't during the accident - eighteen people died - but he'd done the right thing, hadn't he? And it wasn't the drugs - he'd had to smuggle them into Australia - otherwise he'd have been executed in a Thai jail. And it wasn't even when he decided to go to the police to betray the supplier - though maybe he should have seen the trail of death that would follow him ever after. No, the ultimate decision came much later, after the chase was over and those who had died had died and there was only his tormentor and him and those he really cared for left alive. That was when the real decision cameà
ID: 13475
Code: RH001000