The Enemy Within

Bond, Larry

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Enemy Within/Bond, Larry/Paper/0747253447/S056-E1


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Publisher: Headline Feature
ISBN-13: 9780747253440
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1996
Growing up in Iran while his father helps train the Shah's army, Peter Thorn befriends Amir Taleh, a young army cadet - but when the Shah falls, an unbridgeable chasm opens up between them. Tainted with Westernization, Taleh is flung into prison, and only released when his military skills are desperately needed in the war with Iraq. He emerges from the conflict a hero - and is soon one of the most powerful figures in the new Iran.

Back home, Peter Thorn has also been tested in the heat of combat as the commander of a Delta Force squadron - but his new job heading a special intelligence unit puts him even closer to the eye of the storm. A ruthless terrorist cell is threatening to engulf the country in a paralysing wave of violence, and Thorn's task is to piece together the chillingly brilliant plan that lies behind it.

But to do so will involve a devastating confrontation with the past.
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