The Greatest Show Off Earth

Rankin, Robert

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Greatest Show Off Earth/Rankin, Robert/Paper/0552139246/S055-A2


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Publisher: Corgi
ISBN-13: 9780552139243
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1995
Snatched from his allotment by a flying starfish from Uranus and sold as a delicacy in a Venusian food market, it seems like his luck has changed when he is rescued by the travelling circus. But then this isn't an ordinary circus; this is the circus of Professor Merlin, which drifts between the planets in a Victorian steamship. A circus whose artistes perform the feats that simply can't be done. And the professor has a little job for Raymond. Release the two hundred people held captive on Saturn and save Planet Earth from extinction by Friday. Raymond's best friend Simon has been having a rough time too. Hunted by the men in grey, Simon is falsely accused of being a serial killer and is thrown into the clutches of the sinister B.E.A.S.T. (an End Times cult that worships the demonic half-man half-chicken, Sate-Hen). Even with the book from the future and those villagers with the flaming torches to help them out, getting things sorted out by Friday could be cutting it fine...
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