The Holtzmann Plague

Harvey, Gareth

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Holtzmann Plague/Harvey, Gareth/Paper/0732251966/S048-B2


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Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN-13: 9780732251963
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1996
The Cold War is over, the Gulf War won, but the West is losing its war on drugs, and the ex-Soviet states are crumbling, with devastating international implications. Jorge Holtzmann is the most ruthless Colombian drug lord ever. son of a Nazi war criminal, he has awesome wealth, a vast military arsenal - and a score to settle with Israel. He enlists Gyorgy Kumarov, a brilliant Russian scientist with lethal skills to sell. Meanwhile President Kalin, tyrannical leader of rebel Armestan, is waging a vicious civil war. But Kalin has an enemy in the western media. Lena Chagall, American TV star, has wangled her way into Armestan, and found a story to horrify the world. Lena desperately needs to contact her lover - military hero, Colonel Tom Kane. Called back to active service to help fight America's war on drugs, Kane's mission is to destroy Holtzmann's cartel until, with Lena, he finds himself up against a far more terrifying conspiracy - the Holtzmann Plague.
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Code: BU000074