The Inquisitor

Franklin, Cheryl

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Inquisitor/Franklin, Cher/Paper/0886775124/S051-B1


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Publisher: Daw Books
ISBN-13: 9780886775124
Series: Network/Consortium Novels
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1992
It began with the Rea Clan - and with murder. And Birkaj - or Birk, as he came to be known on the worlds of the Consortium - was both killer and thief. He slew his clan leader and he stole the artefacts that gave the Rea their power. Then he fled, fled farther through space than the ships of his warrior people could track him. Or so he hoped.

But Akras, leader of the Rea since her father's and her husband's deaths, would neither forget nor forgive. Over the years she moulded her clan and her own two sons into a powerful juggernaut of vengeance. And a generation after the Rea clan fell from greatness, their vendetta was about to be fulfilled, their honour reclaimed.

On the planet of Stromvi, Birk had built himself a new identity and a new empire. Yet neither his own safeguards, nor the unexpected presence of an Inquisitor, the highest judge and enforcer within the Consortium-governed worlds, would keep the enemy from striking. And unless the Inquisitor found a means to halt the Rea's vendetta, Stromvi's entire population might be destroyed in payment for one man's crime...
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