The King and Queen of Swords

Arden, Tom

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King and Queen of Swords/Arden, Tom/Paper/1857988981/S050-D1


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Publisher: Millennium
ISBN-13: 9781857988987
Series: Orokon, Book 2
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1999
Once there was a land with five evil kings, and each king had an evil queen. These were the King and Queen of Quills, of Wheels, of Spires, of Rings. Most powerful of all, most wicked of all and, above all, most feared, were the King and Queen of Swords.

That was long ago, and now the King and Queen of Swords are only painted faces on playing cards, flicking across the green baize of gaming tables. Or are they?

For Jemany Vexing, true prince of Ejland and Key to the Orokon, keeps hearing their names, in song and in story, as he sets out on the second stage of his quest, seeking the long-lost mystic crystals of the gods.

On the run and lying low, disguised as a wandering Vaga-player, Jem is making for the great southern city of Agondon, where he hopes the mysterious guardian promised to him by the enigmatic harlequin will guide him to the green Crystal of Viana. But Lord Empster is not all he appears, and Jem must wonder if he is good or evil - until adventure overtakes him and there is no time to wonder any more.
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