The Lady and the Luddite

Salter, Linden

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Lady and the Luddite/Salter, Linden/Paper/0330363301/S050-A2


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Publisher: Pan Macmillan Australia
ISBN-13: 9780330363303
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2002
The sheer incongruity of our meeting: I in my pearls and peach-silk ballgown, he in his Luddite black mask and working men's clothes. Enemies, with a loaded pistol between us, but united in the joy at seeing the other so well.

A heroine from Brontë country, and a Robin Hood of the Industrial Revolution: two people powerfully attracted to each other, on opposite sides of the class war that saw the ruin of England's green and pleasant land.

Shirley Keeldar is a "brave, true, beautiful lady" in the eyes of Tom Mellor, the leader of a band of strong men in their doomed fight against machines that are destroying their lives. But in the class-ridden, war-torn world of 1812, she's also his enemy.

Set in a time when industrialism was invading the beauty of the Yorkshire moors, and told with humour, lyrical eroticism and full-blown melodrama, this is an unusual and appealing story of love and adventure which paints a convincing picture of the times.
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Code: PM002066