The Minotaur's Maze: A Comic Adventure

Denton, Terry

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Minotaur's Maze: A Comic Adventure/Denton, Terry/Paper/1741140889/S035-A


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Publisher: Allen & Unwin
ISBN-13: 9781741140880
Series: Storymaze, Book 5
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2003
Lost? Well, don't expect me to help you. This is a book about a maze, you fool!

An impenetrable maze!

The kind no readers have ever found their way out of. Even I got lost inside this book and wasn't seen for months. And the illustrator got lost too - but then he hasn't been on this planet for years.

This book contains:
  • A story that will truly amaze you.
  • Multiple paths! This is a book that can be read differently each time. Try reading only the even-numbered pages. Then read only the odd pages.
  • An emergency plan!! If you find you are totally lost in this book, don't give up. Just close the book, take off your clothes and run screaming to the nearest exit.
  • An ending!!! Yes, this story has a real ending but, unfortunately, I've lost it. So if you happen to find it, could you please return it to me? I haven't seen it for months. Maybe I left it on a bus. But I never travel on buses. Maybe it's under the bed. I don't have a bed, just a basket on the floor. And a lump of rock for a pillow. Maybe the dog ate it.
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