The Perfect Princess

Radford, Irene

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Perfect Princess/Radford, Irene/Paper/0886776783/S055-A2


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Publisher: Daw Books
ISBN-13: 9780886776787
Series: Dragon Nimbus, Book 2
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1995
Rogue magic had long been banned within Coronnan's borders. But as dragon magic waned and finally vanished from the kingdom, those who had mastered these forbidden spells saw their chance to seize control of the troubled realm. And without the dragons and their magic to back his claim to the throne, Prince Darville - himself only recently freed from an enchantment that had kept him imprisoned in the form of a wolf - might soon see his realm lost to these enemies. Urged into a political marriage with Princess Rossemikka of neighbouring Rossemeyer, Darville discovered to his shock that she, too, had become the helpless victim of magic. and even Darville's closest allies, Senior Magician Baamin, Master Magician Jaylor, and Brevelan the witchwoman, might not be able to save Darville and Rossemikka from the powers of enchantment about to be unleashed against Coronnan...
ID: 12759
Code: P100648