The Sea's Furthest End

Broderick, Damien

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Sea's Furthest End/Broderick, Dam/Paper/1875346074/S054-B2


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Publisher: Aphelion Publications
ISBN-13: 9781875346073
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1993
On Shrirampur, Chakravalin Chakravatin is heir to a galactic empire being forged by his monstrous father, the dictator, Jagannatha, a man who has taken from him the woman he loves. Chakravalin has vowed to reclaim her and to stand against everything that Empire means...

On Earth, young Dayton Ellis struggles with approaching manhood - and with a larger mystery, alien beyond his comprehension...

And watching over it all are the Kleth, immortal beings, withdrawn from human affairs, returned to their homeworld within the singularity at the galactic core...
ID: 13594
Code: TR000032