The Shark Mutiny

Robinson, Patrick

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Publisher: Arrow
ISBN-13: 9780099405276
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2001
2007: the Strait of Hormuz is ablaze with the wreckage of three gigantic supertankers. World oil prices skyrocket. US Military Intelligence concludes that behind this catastrophe at the gateway to the Gulf stands Iran, assisted by an expansionist China.

The US Navy thunders towards Hormuz. The President's National Security Adviser, Admiral Arnold Morgan, threatens the Iranian Navy with annihilation. Then he rounds on China, unleashing the US Navy SEALs to deal mortal blows to China's ambitions in the Indian Ocean.

The scenario is lethal as the SEALs try to fight their way out of the swamps of Burma...and that's when the Commanding Officer of the nuclear submarine USS Shark throws the entire operation into jeopardy...
ID: 15931
Code: RH001471