The Shattering Sigl: The Mayezan Dawn, Volume 1

Das, Indrapramit

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Publisher: Equilibrium Books
ISBN-13: 9781920764142
Series: Mayezan Dawn, Volume 1
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2002
The Shattering Sigil masterfully combines three parallel tales from the history of a conflicted world created by God, Ezulroth, who in his arrogance and pride forged a mortal plane of his own, unsatisfied with the warring immortal realms of Heaven and Hell. When daemonic denizens of Hell descent to Ezulroth's mortal world to claim it as their own, they capture the God, corrupting him into a twisted and dark entity. After an intervention by powerful forces from Heaven, known as the Akasim, the armies of Hell are banished from the once edenic world and their fellow God Ezulroth is punished for his foolishness, binding him into the very earth of his Creation, making his world a prison. This binding was known as the Sigil.

After centuries of sacrificial rituals by a group of humans devoted to returning the dark creator back to his world, Ezulroth begins to stir in the prison, and the ground shakes with a devastating earthquake, signifying the much prophesied Mayezan Dawn.
ID: 17845
Code: EB000011