The Unusual Life of Tristan Smith

Carey, Peter

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Unusual Life of Tristan Smith/Carey, Peter/Paper/1741660041/S053-A1


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Publisher: Random House Australia
ISBN-13: 9781741660043
Series: Vintage
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2005
If you are not a citizen of Voorstand, you may not be familiar with the strange case of Tristan Smith and his illegal appropriation of Bruder Mouse. Even if you are a citizen of faraway Efica, you will only have heard rumours about the juggling, the somersaulting, the Burro Plasse tunnel, and the motel on the border . . . Here, for the first time, is the truth about Tristan Smith.

This fully annotated edition follows Tristan's career from his birth in the Republic of Efica in the year 371 to the present day. Severely afflicted, doomed never to be taller than three foot six, Tristan Smith faces death and danger from the first moment of his energetic and ambitious life.

The Unusual Life of Tristan Smith is dense, funny, and moving, an unprecedented work of the imagination, a modern world as packed with incident and character as a Victorian novel, an allegory that is most remarkable for the thread of love and loyalty that runs through its richly imagined tapestry.
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Code: RH001747