The White Gryphon

Lackey, Mercedes/ Dixon, Larry

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White Gryphon/Lackey, Merced/Paper/0886776821/S055-A2


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Publisher: Daw
ISBN-13: 9780886776824
Series: Mage Wars, Book 2
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1996
Skandranon and his allies have built themselves a glittering, cliffside, eyrie city, far from the wartorn home and memories of the evil Mage Maar. But alongside friends works a rogue healer, playing sorcerous games with his patients' minds, games that threaten to ruin all that Skandranon has worked for.

Set 1500 years before the adventures chronicled in Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar series, The White Gryphon is essential prehistory for fans of this enchanting saga and a wonderful introduction to Lackey's atmospheric fantasy world for newcomers to her writing. It is a tale full of escapist wonder, love and hatred, magic and tenderness and the lure of otherworldly gryphons. These heroic figures lead by example and the passion of the White Gryphon's people for justice makes an unforgettable story.
ID: 14691
Code: AU000198