The Wyrdest Link: The Second Discworld Quizbook

Langford, David

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Publisher: Gollancz
ISBN-13: 9780575073197
Series: Terry Pratchett Discworld Quizbook
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2002
So you think you know your way around Terry Pratchett's Discworld? Can you say offhand just where your figgin is? Do you know Orangutan well enough to tell the sympathetic "Oook" from the danger-warning "Oook"? Are you 100 per cent sure of how to spell WIZZARD? Or will you be The Wyrdest Link?

First came The Unseen University Challenge, the Discworld quizbook that left a trail of exploded minds from London to Ankh-Morpork. Now The Wyrdest Link returns with hundreds more Discworld posers that will test your funnybone to the most hellish limits of endurance. Questions in the merciless tradition of the Star Chamber, the Spanish Inquisition, and Anne Robinson. And come to think of it, is it a good or a bad thing to be The Wyrdest Link?
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