Timing is Everything

Hunter, William G.

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Publisher: Fencue Australia
ISBN-13: 9780646311456
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1998
Jim Bradley is the ultimate corporate cowboy.
In the fast moving scene of Australia's corporate raiders of the 1980s, he is poised to make his boldest move. With early successes behind him, the banks are ready to give him unlimited funds, investors are mesmerised by his seeming infallibility, and the corporate watchdog is powerless. It is time to move.
Julian Reynolds sees Jim Bradley as a vulgar upstart who has the potential to disrupt his own grand scheme. He plans to use him, and destroy him.
To Bradley, financial success is not enough. He wants what Julian Reynolds has - respectability, acceptance, and power. Reynolds is fair game, and he intends to enjoy taking everything from him.
Joe Zwinge wants the blacks in South Africa to control their own destiny. A thoroughly planned and executed transfer of power - lasting power - will need uninterrupted operation of the gold mines. Jim Bradley's help is crucial to his plan.
Cathy Jordan is determined to break through the ‘glass ceiling’ and become the first woman President of a Wall Street bank, but when she suffers at the hands of Joe’s white masters she resolves to do all in her power to help his cause. When Cathy finds achievement of her lifelong ambition will destroy one of them, who will she choose.
The story moves across the Australian continent, revealing its wealth and limitless opportunity, to South Africa and the United States. In the boardrooms of Australia and New York they play out their grand plans in the pursuit of success, and the power it brings.

From the late 1970's to the mid 1980s William G Hunter was Chief Financial Officer of BHP, Australia's largest company. In 1984 he was responsible for the successful completion of BHP's US$2.4 billion acquisition of the United States based Utah Group of companies.

A major career change occurred in 1984 when, due to the deteriorating condition of his wife who had contracted Multiple Sclerosis, he left BHP and accepted a series of part time appointments as a Director of companies in the commercial banking, investment banking, insurance, property development and manufacturing sectors.
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