Voyage of Vengeance

Hubbard, L. Ron

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Voyage of Vengeance/Hubbard, L. Ro/Paper/1870451139/S048-B2


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Publisher: New Era Publications
ISBN-13: 9781870451130
Series: Mission Earth, Volume 7
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1987
Voyage of Vengeance follows the trail of evil alien Soltan Gris as he continues to plot the destruction of Royal Fleet Officer Jettero Heller in his mission to save Earth from self destruction. Having failed miserably to thwart Heller, Gris flees on a cruise across the Mediterranean to regroup his forces. But with the sudden appearance on board of a teenage nymphomaniac and a crazed PR genius, the voyage rapidly becomes a nightmare that leaves Gris with one single obsession: kill Heller, kill his lover and kill every other living soul on Earth. To make matters worse, there are several subversive factions on the planet who are only too happy to help...

this masterfully plotted satire will keep you on the edge of your seat...while Earth slowly rotates towards its inevitable doom.

L. Ron Hubbard's 1.2 million word Mission Earth dekalogy (10 volumes) brilliantly blends science fiction and action/adventure on a vast interstellar scale with stinging satire in the literary tradition of Voltaire, Swift and Orwell.

Winner of France's Cosmos 2000 Award and the Nova Science Fiction Award in Italy, Mission Earth is the epic narrative of a secret invasion of Earth as seen - and vividly recounted - by the aliens who, unrecognized, already live and work among us. It is a novel crowded with sharply memorable characters, and with locations and events enveloped in splendour, menace and mystery.

The result is top-flight entertainment - enough to satisfy the most avid reader.
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