Wolves of the Gods

Cole, Allan

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Wolves of the Gods/Cole, Allan/Paper/0345401794/S051-B1


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Publisher: Ballantine
ISBN-13: 9780345401793
Series: Tales of the Timuras, Book 2
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1998
The triumphant epic fantasy inspired by Omar Khayyam's The Rubaiyat, 'The Wolves of the Gods' is a world of breathtaking beauty and savagery, of noble sacrifice and base betrayal, a world of where the most powerful magic of all, for good and evil, lies in the divided hearts of humans and demons... A nameless evil stalks the land, preying on all that lives, human and demon alike. Only one man has the power to stem the ravening tide: Safar Timura, greatest wizard of the age, whose matchless magic once raised Iraj Protarus to the throne of all Esmir...and then, when king turned tyrant, destroyed him. Now Safar is done with the deadly intrigues of courts and kings. Back in his mountain home of Kyrania, he wants only to be left alone. But when a brutal murder smashes his solitude, Safar must lead his people on a desperate trek to safety - a perilous journey to fabled, far-off Syrapis - guided only by a magical vision and the words of a sorcerer long dead. The road leads straight through dark Caluz, a once-proud land now fallen beneath the sorcerous yoke of an unspeakable darkness. But there is no going back. Close at Safar's heels another evil follows like a rapacious wolf: Iraj Protarus. For the King of Kings has returned from the dead, hideously transformed - and thirsting for Safar's blood.
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